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I want to know about a catagory I need delete for the next month.  Example.  I cancel a subscription, so I don't need it on the budget in August.  Or I got Tires for my car in July, but I don't need that for Aug.

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    • Melissa
    • Routinely questioning every assumption I have about my budget, my spending, and my savings habits.
    • todays_mel
    • 11 days ago
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    Once the month has rolled over (on Aug 1), you can select that category (click on the title) and either choose to "Hide" or "Delete". There should be some prompts from YNAB about how to proceed depending on which of those options you choose.

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  • If there’s spending in the category, you should hide it like Melissa described. If you delete it, it will ask you to re-categorize the transactions  

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  • OK..thank you.  Makes sense. 

    • Dutch I'll echo the wise words of Bruce and nolesrule . The approach can vary depending on your scenario! This article shows the difference between hiding and deleting categories if you'd like to learn more.

      There is a lot of power in saving money over time for True Expenses—the things you know will come up, but you don't necessarily know when (auto maintenance). When I cancel subscriptions, I often hide the category—so I can unhide if I start it back up again.

  • Also, (and I know that was just an example) but if it's tires for the car,  you don't want to delete the category, you want to put a target on that baby, and start building it slowly back up.  In a few years you're gonna need to replace your tires again.  

    Long live the True Expenses!

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  • Agree with Bruce about not deleting the category if it's something you might see again, but what you might do instead is make it into a bigger category. So instead of "tires" (to continue the example), make it "car maintenance." That way you won't have to figure out how much you need for unexpected repairs versus more routine stuff like oil changes and new tires; you can save in one place for all of it. After all, you don't know WHAT's going to happen, but you know darn well that SOMETHING is going to happen.

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    • nolesrule
    • Stealing From the Future fix is an improvement but is incomplete....
    • nolesrule
    • 11 days ago
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    Dutch said:
    Or I got Tires for my car in July, but I don't need that for Aug.

     In August you start funding the next set of tires.

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