Plaid Issues (Again)

Last week it was USAA.  This week it was AMEX.  It's really frustrating that I have to repeatedly remove connections and relink them.

There was a post about this 11 days ago that was promptly locked, not sure why.

Plaid is obviously a recurring problem for YNAB (paying) customers.  

Rather than refer us to yet another trouble ticket submission, or email us and explain once again how to remove and re-link, why not address the underlying problem:  which appears to be Plaid?

The biggest convenience of YNAB for me is the linked, automatic updates that used to work really well before Plaid.  

What is YNAB doing to address this recurring problem?


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  • Casual Trooper Since we can't troubleshoot Direct Import issues in the Forum, we will often close threads that have to do with specific connections. I hope that helps to clarify why your previous thread has been closed!

    As far as Plaid goes, I'm sorry to hear it's not been a smooth experience. Since we launched direct import in 2016 we've worked with four different import partners, grown our support team significantly, and learned a lot! We continue to actively work towards making direct import less of a pain point for users, and as of now,  we've decided to move forward with the two providers that have proven to support YNAB best (Plaid and MX).

    That said, there are so many moving parts to data aggregation, which makes for a rocky road sometimes, no matter the provider. You might be interested in this thread, where we dug deeper into the specifics of why direct import can be a rocky road and our hopes for the future of the feature! 

    Of course, we'd love to continue working with you on your current connections, if you're up for it. Please let us know if you'd like to do so, as well as what the current trouble is with that AmEx connection, and we'll be happy to take a fresh look!

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