Two Quick Tips after One Year of YNAB

 My first tip is that it took me almost a full year to really grasp Rule #3: Roll with the Punches.  Instead of moving money from somewhere else in that month, I was stealing from the future.  It has taught me that just because I budget a certain amount available to spend in a category, I may not be able to spend from that category, because I overspent in another category.  When you get a month or two ahead, really stay focused on what you have for that month as if you can't steal from the future.  Your Age of Money will take off 🚀.

My second tip is related to relationships.  My wife is not as enthusiastic about YNAB as I am.  She wasn't entering transactions and hated asking her how that Target purchase broke down into specific categories.  It felt more like I was micro managing her spending instead of giving her freedom.  I had her make me a list of all the travel destinations she wants to go on and what we already have on the calendar.  Now my love of YNAB and her love of travel are together in one place.  When we opt to not spend in category X, we can move it at the end of the month to one of these travel goals.  Now, with the addition of progress bars she can literally see our progress.  Instead of saving money, it's moving the bars!  And doesn't it look so awesome w/ some emojis and the latest iOS update?!

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