Official Debt Smackdown and Savings Challenges Update

Hey Challengers!

I wanted to give you a heads up that we won’t be hosting our Official Savings and Debt Smackdown Challenges this year. We’re currently exploring how we may be able to host them in the future as a part of our Debt Bootcamp and More Money challenges so that the wider YNAB community can participate. For now, we’re going to place these challenges on hold. 

We see the massive efforts represented by the numbers in the spreadsheets in 2021:


Between 2018 and 2021, you have collectively saved over 4 million dollars and paid off almost 11 million dollars of debt!


In the threads, you detailed how you paid off mortgages, cars, student loans, and credit cards. You worked side hustles, got new jobs, sprinted, crawled and did everything in between in order to say “Good Riddance!” to debt and “Hello!” to savings. We loved reading about you dreaming of and saving for vacations, home renovations, emergencies, college, Christmas, and retirement. We think you’re amazing!

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  • Aw, this is a bummer. I liked seeing my own progress through the year, but I really enjoyed seeing all of the accomplishments of other YNABers. I'm not highly active on the forum, but it's amazing to read through and encouraging to see the updates. Hopefully you bring it back for 2023 in some form.

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  • Sorry, but why? This doesn't make sense. 

    The reason given, "so that the wider community can participate" sounds a whole lot like you're planning on axing this forum. 

    Again, why?

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      • MadDog
      • Navy_Blue_Pegasus.2
      • 3 wk ago
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      Move Light Sound Life I am with you on this one. It makes no sense because those who want to participate will participate. I don't necessarily want to do the other things that are marked. I simply want to do the debt smackdown. 

      And what wider community? Do you mean people who are not part of YNAB yet? 

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    • MadDog Yeah. I did sign up for the 31 day reset or something once. I'm not sure what the point was - I got random, maybe helpful but not really emails. The actual interaction was done on the forum. 

      And all YNABbers have access to this forum. No way am I messing with Facebook or Reddit for a challenge. 

      Marisa Are you doing the same thing to this forum that you did to the last one? Did this forum get too helpful? Were there security concerns with the challenge spreadsheets? 

      I would think only the last question would cause you to dismantle the challenges right before the new year without a replacement...

      Is this just another reason I should not support this company when my subscription comes up for renewal? Should I more seriously find another alternative? Why are you continuing to tip the scales out of your favor?

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      • MadDog
      • Navy_Blue_Pegasus.2
      • 3 wk ago
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      Move Light Sound Life Ugh, not a fan of the idea doing it on FB or Reddit. I try to be cautious about what I share here even just to make sure I am not providing too much info on my finances. I can't imagine on other platforms. 

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    • Move Light Sound Life The YNAB community is everywhere! This forum, the Bootcamps, social platforms, and elsewhere—fan-led or by us. We want to find a solution that works across them to unite YNABers, make it more accessible & easier to participate, and meet people where they are. 

      The challenges have no doubt been an amazing part of this Forum community. We're still exploring what the challenges will look like in the future and I don't have information to share yet.

  • Agreed. I’m not happy that it’s being dropped from the forum. It’s been a source of joy, celebrations, and learning, and I was looking forward to participating in 2022.

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  • It would be easy enough to make cross-platform, just post the link to the same spreadsheet on multiple platforms.  People can talk where they want to talk, but can still be encouraged by the totality of the numbers being saved and paid off by everyone on all the platforms.

    I really don't see what the point of "discontinuing" this is, especially since it was created by the community in the first place unless you're trying to stifle said community.

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  • I am so not happy about this. I was going into my fourth Debt Smackdown and found the community to be very motivating. So disappointing...

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  • I was looking forward to finally being able to participate this year. *sigh* If someone creates an unofficial debt smackdown, I’ll be there!

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  • Yeah, from what I understand, these challenges (both the savings and the debt smackdown) weren't historically hosted by YNAB staff anyway, so a user-led one wouldn't even be unofficial. Perhaps one of you here would like to take back the mantle? I wouldn't mind setting up the spreadsheet but could not take on any subsequent tech support if somebody breaks something - I'm already fully at bandwidth for this year (ask my therapist). 

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  • I want to apologize for a hasty reading of and response to this thread. I thought this announcement was a moratorium on forum challenges, but I now realize that official people were just stepping away from hosting. 

    Thanks to mandiferous for a more generous interpretation, and for the initiative to make the challenges happen this year!

    Maybe my goal for 2022 should focus on being more ent-like.

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