We use Automatic Bank Sync, but sometimes it creates confusion when sharing YNAB responsibilities with a partner. Help!

Long time YNAB user here. I take care of most of the finances in the house, and that includes YNAB duties. However, my wife has begun to input her transactions which has been a huge help as she does a lot of the shopping.

We use auto sync because admittedly, we aren’t always the best at inputting transactions on the spot. That’s a New Years resolution for us, but that’s another story ;). An issue we keep running into, is that when I’m going through YNAB approving transactions (that’s my job) -  its not always clear to me that my wife put the transaction in - or its just Auto Sync inputting it and guessing the category. This leads to a lot of extra and unnecessary back and forth with my wife about purchases, if its the right category, if it should be split, etc.


Anyone else run into this while sharing YNAB with a partner? Any tips to alleviate this headache? Any best practices/advice for those managing YNAB with a partner that will make purchases as well?

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  • Transactions which are entered manually do not need to be approved. So when you're approving transactions downloaded from your bank you're either approving new transactions (where you should check the auto-generated category) or linked transactions, where the downloaded transaction is matching to a manually entered transaction. In this case the manually entered splits/categories are the ones recorded so it should be correct.

  • How do you tell if something has been manually entered or downloaded from the bank?


    thanks in advance!

    • Hot Pink General In the web app, you'll see the Bank Import Details at the bottom of the drop down payee menu for only those transactions that have been imported. Another hint is if the transaction is cleared - although that can be changed manually. 

      I tell my partner that he should enter any transactions that don't have an obvious category, as that lightens the workload and confusion later. If it's just groceries at the grocery store or gas at the gas station, it's less of a concern for me. 

    • Hot Pink General 

      Manually entered vs. downloaded from the bank look different because the bank import has a blue "i" in a circle to be approved.

      The ones that are tricky are scheduled transactions that have populated because they look the same as bank imported transactions, both with the blue "i" in a circle.  My reconciliation was off for a while before I realized that I had a scheduled transaction that didn't match the bank import automatically.   It would have been easier to catch if I could have seen a different icon for the origination place of the transaction.  So, now I use flags for all scheduled transactions so I can see the difference.  Took me years before I encountered the issue, though.

    • Marisa  is there a way to tell on mobile?

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      Hot Pink General Yes, if you don't have to approve a transaction then it was entered manually by either you or your spouse

    • Hot Pink General On mobile, I'd watch for uncleared transactions - you'll know those to be manually entered. You'll also still need to approve a match in the mobile app - the little chain link icon will indicate a cleared transaction matching with a manual transaction until you approve the match.

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