Maintaining savings accounts

 I had savings that I built up for years. In the past month, I've had three different home repairs (leaky roof, leaky basement, water damage) that have made me spend a significant amount of my savings. Now I feel insecure in my savings and feel like because I have larger expenses now than when I saved the money, I'll never be able to save that money back up again.

I know we all have sinking costs. But I guess my question is does anyone else feel insecure, scared or literally depleted when a situation forces you to use your savings? 

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  • I always have a mixed bag of pride and grief when I've prepared for a true expense, and then need to use that money.

    I think it's really normal to feel as though you'll never get to that prepared/debt paid off place, but we all know that time marches on and incremental improvements can and do occur.

    Hugs to you as you weather this tougher season of true expenses.

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  • This happens to me with my auto maintenance category every. single. time.  

    We are still paying enough debt that we don't prioritize having a huge savings account, but we fund our true expenses.

    The auto maintenance category will climb up to $1000 - $1500 and then one of our cars will need to go into the shop. And it will pretty much drain the category.  

    I always feel happy that I don't have to debate not fixing something because I don't have the money and annoyed that auto maintenance is going to be pretty much zero again.

    You're not alone! And you're not alone feeling like you'll never save enough again. Fortunately YNAB really helps with that.  

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