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I find myself wishing I had better names for my categories. Right now I have Bills (things due on a certain date with a set amount), Necessary Expenses (things I need every month but doesn't have a set amount. like groceries and gas), Planned Expenses (things happening in the future that should be budgeted for like a new car and christmas gifts), and Self Care (anything that I don't NEED to live, but gives me piece of mind or makes me happy) are my biggest ones. 

What category names do you have? Did you keep the "True Expenses" group? I found that I didn't really understand what that meant, so I broke it up into groups that made sense to me. 

I want to hear why you've organized yours the way you have!

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  • I'm only in my first month, and while I love the default categories, I wanted to make them a little more fun:

    Life Tolls (Immediate Expenses)

    Irregular Tolls (True Expenses)

    Permission to Spend! (Quality of Life & Fun)

    Future Debt Prevention (Savings Goals)

    Seeds (Investments)

  • I found this video on YouTube about categories. I like the simple but utility of the breakdown:

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  • A few months ago I re-organized my categories and it's working quite well so thought I would share. I'll post a screen shot here... but basically I put my 1. Financial goals right at the top just because it's fun to have that right there and see it grow. And then the categories proceed down from funding importance / prioritization.

    2. Fixed bills right at the top because Rent, utilities etc. should always be something I'm funding first...

    Then 3. Variable Necessities, stuff that definitely needs to be accounted for but the actual amounts fluctuate somewhat each month (groceries, gas, etc.)

    Then I have 4. True Expenses, so stuff that i know is coming down the road and I don't want to smack me in the face when I could have prepared for it (YNAB fee, moving expenses, car woopsies, CC annual fees) that kind of things...

    Next up I have my 5. Luxuries, so stuff that i spend money on each month typically but that are not necessary to survive / i could easily not spend money on and save more :) home decor, shopping, gifts, vacations, etc. 

    Finally, I have 6. Future Events, trips or weddings, or things that I KNOW i will need money for, i may not put any money towards them for months and months but I have them there so i don't forget about them and they can't sneak up on me.

    And then at the very bottom I have 7. Saving Up For, which is really just fun stuff that I try to put money towards when I can but aren't necessities or major saving goals... if they become more important or necessary I will move them up to Financial Goals or another Category.

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