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I find myself wishing I had better names for my categories. Right now I have Bills (things due on a certain date with a set amount), Necessary Expenses (things I need every month but doesn't have a set amount. like groceries and gas), Planned Expenses (things happening in the future that should be budgeted for like a new car and christmas gifts), and Self Care (anything that I don't NEED to live, but gives me piece of mind or makes me happy) are my biggest ones. 

What category names do you have? Did you keep the "True Expenses" group? I found that I didn't really understand what that meant, so I broke it up into groups that made sense to me. 

I want to hear why you've organized yours the way you have!

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  • I'm only in my first month, and while I love the default categories, I wanted to make them a little more fun:

    Life Tolls (Immediate Expenses)

    Irregular Tolls (True Expenses)

    Permission to Spend! (Quality of Life & Fun)

    Future Debt Prevention (Savings Goals)

    Seeds (Investments)

  • I found this video on YouTube about categories. I like the simple but utility of the breakdown:

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