"Fresh start" by returning all $ to TBB?

Can I take every dollar that I have budgeted over the next 3 months (as far out as my budget goes) and return it all to TBB? Then I would basically start over and reallocate all that money? It would be like a fresh start but I would lose any of the historical data?

Is this a thing that can be done? Thanks!

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  • Yes, you can do that. In fact it's a great idea. To me, the only reason for a Fresh Start is if you need to completely overhaul your categories. Otherwise, you can fix any issues by making sure your accounts are reconciled and just "starting over" in the current month by putting every "Available" dollar back in TBB.

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  • Thank you! 

  • Hey Slate Blue Cyborg ! It sounds like you might want to try what we call a "Mini Fresh Start". You’ll see two options in the Quick Budget section that will allow you to zero out your categories:

    1. Select all categories.
    2. Click Reset Budgeted Amounts.
    3. Click Set Available Amounts to 0.00.

    Use step one & two in future months, then all three in the current month. These are great options when you want a fresh view of your budget, but a Fresh Start feels like too much.

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  • Wow, I'm Slate Blue Cyborg? Did you assign me that name? I didn't choose it but I like it.

    And thank you so much for all the great advice!

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    • Slate Blue Cyborg 

      When you log in to the forum for the first time, our system will automatically assign you a name, avatar, and username as an alias - I'm glad you like yours! :)

      However, if you decide you'd rather go with something else, you can change your name and avatar.

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