How Credit Card is Using Unbudgeted Spending

Long time YNAB4 user who just upgraded in December.   I used December to initialize my budget and allocate money as needed so everything would look "normal" in January.

I use some credit cards but pay them off each month. I expect not to have to put any money in the "budgeted" field for the cards because they should be spending budgeted money each time -- except maybe in the first month.   Therefore,  I added to the credit cards budget just for December.   As such Dec and Jan both have 0 to be budgeted and all the available amounts are 0 or green.  

In Feb, I have also made sure no normal category is overspent.  However one of the credit cards is red, indicating -1887.82.  I would have expected that by this point, any expenses that had to be paid off here were budgeted, so I'm confused on exactly what's happening.  In Dec I allocated 1288 to that card which was its activity in January with an available of 0. I'm guessing that's where it falls behind but I don't know why.

It's possible I need to add MORE money back in December, but it feels a little bit like black magic. Also if I do that then it tells me I have money to budget.


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  • In December you needed to budget the total amount of the starting balance on your credit cards. Did you do that??

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    In December, you needed to have budgeted for every penny charged to the card at the time. If you did not do this (and really, even if you did but something happened in the meantime), move money now so that the credit card categories are equal and opposite to the card's current working balance. 

  • Okay, thanks guys, I think this worked.

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