Owing a bit of cash for just a day or two

This is about owing money just briefly, e.g. you forgot your wallet, a friend payed for you, etc.


Here's what happened and how I put it in YNAB. I'm not sure I did it right:

- There's a laundromat in the basement of where I live and it very suddenly changed to only accept 1 EUR coins

- Luckily, my neighbor John went to his bank to get some coin rolls and offered to bring me some.

- I asked for 75 EUR in coins

- Then I noticed that I only had a 50 EUR bill and gave it to John. "No problem", he said "just give me the 25 later"
- I created a "John" account of type "other loan" (should probably have been "personal loan"?) with a starting balance of 0.

- I transferred 50 EUR from my "Wallet" cash account to the "John" account

- I transferred 75 EUR from the "John" account to the "Laundry" cash account (A box for 1 EUR coins)
- The next day, I realized I could just paypal him the money, so I sent 25 EUR from my Paypal account to the "John" account.


Was this the right way to do it? Should I have used a "personal loan" instead? It looks lke I can't change the type of the account, should I create a new one and change the transactions? The "John" account is now at 0, but still visible. Is "closing" an account the same as hiding a category? (I don't need to see the account right now, since I don't owe any money to John, but if something like that happens again another time, it might be useful to have the account ready)

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  • What you did was fine. you had an extra 25 for a day. 

    You have two options going forward.

    1. Pretend gave john all the money on that day and change the transfers around to be direct to the laundry account (from wallet and paypal to laundry). Delete all transactions in the john account. Delete the john account. 

    2. hide the john account. you can unhide it and rename it as often as you want in the future to give or get loans from others.

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  • Yep! This is definitely one way to handle reimbursements. You might give this reimbursements guide a read in case its helpful for the future—you could simplify by handling these transactions within a single category without need of an account.

    Yes, closing an account is the same as hiding a category (and you definitely want the balance to be $0 if hide either! ;). You can always rename the account when you reopen it. :)

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