My Roommates Pay My Mortgage and utilities.. do I not include mortgage and utilities?


I'm setting up my YNAB budget for the first time and I am stuck on the mortgage and utilities part. Since I'm a homeowner and my roommates' rent pays for my mortgage payments and utilities, should I bother including the mortgage and utilities categories in my budget? 

If so, how would you suggest I do so? 

Thank you!

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  • If your roommates pay you in an account that you keep completely separate from everything else. That is you use this bank account only to receive the rent from your roommates and then pay your mortgage and utilities. Then you can leave those out of your budget by simply not adding that account to your budget. If the money from the rent is mixed with other money or covers a bit more than mortgage and utilities, you need to add it to your budget. In that case, when you receive the rent you categories it as Income: To Be Budgeted. At the same time, you need to use some of your income (from the rent or whatever other income) to budget to a mortgage category and utilities categories. You need to ensure you budget money to those categories before you need to pay those charges.

    If the rent comes in after the mortgage or utilities are due, you need to budget some of your other income to those categories and use the rent money to fund other stuff.

  • Mortgage and utilities is something I'd want a record of in case I someday didn't have roommates and needed to plan. These are expenses that won't disappear, so it'd be good to have some insight into what you spent all these years. 

    I would probably treat this as income from your rental, categorized as Income: TBB payee "Roommate A" and "Roommate B" and then budget it to mortgage and utilities. 

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  • I have had a lodger ever since starting YNAB but have always recorded mortgage payments. In fact I think of the rent money covering home maintenance and improvement projects rather than the mortgage. Would you be stuck if the lodgers suddenly moved out?

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