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So I'm curious about something. I reconciled my CC yesterday morning and have entered transactions (3) since then manually, but today the CC balance is way off. Sometime in the last 24 hours the balance has changed without any new transactions showing up. I exported the transactions since I started the card (new budget so only had about 30 transactions since Starting Balance) to excel and started to go through them, even those reconciled, one by one checking them off against the YNAB entries. 

Every single row matches exactly, nothing is off between CC and Ynab. None of the new transactions from yesterday have even posted as pending yet to my CC, everything else is cleared. My CC statement does not provide a running balance, so since every transaction matches it must be the starting balance that is off. This could have happened, if I got a very late arriving transaction back-dated into previously reconciled days. 

I went back to April, adjusted the Starting Balance by adding ~30 to the debt so the account total matched exactly what's in there - reconciled and good. HOWEVER; here's my conundrum:

Increasing the starting debt on the CC in april didn't show at all in the budget. The amount available was still green in April, and it remains green in May. The Available amount in the CC Payment category is lower than the total account balance + uncleared. For now I've budgeted extra in the CC payment category to get the Available to match account balance + uncleared, but shouldn't the available amount have turned orange in april or may to show that I was underfunded to pay the CC? Or given some indication of this in the inspector? 

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  • Changing the balance on your card won't change the CC Payment Available. Since you changed the starting balance to increase the debt, the only way your CC Payment Available will change is to budget for it yourself on the budget screen. The only time transactions change the Available amount is inflows and outflows that are categorized to a specific category and for the payment transfers between accounts.

    YNAB is designed for people who have been struggling financially, and that includes paying off credit card debt. Having a constant reminder that they can't pay off the balance of their credit card would be disheartening. So no, by default YNAB will not warn you. The YNAB Toolkit has an add-on function that will change the color of the CC Payment Available if it does not match the card balance.

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      nolesrule thanks. It makes sense of course what you’re saying. I’ve never had a diff like this so I’ve never had to deal with “unbudgeted debt incurred in past” and was just a little surprised there was no indications in the budget anything had changed. On to enabling that toolkit feature I go! 

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