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My electric bills are about $75 per month in winter and $400 in summer.  I want to have changing budget amounts for this category to show predicted spending and then budget against it.  Is this possible in YNAB?  I don't want to have to create all these different goals.  There should be a simple button to click that opens up a 12 month schedule and you can adjust the budget amount from the default as needed.

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  • What you are asking to do goes against the YNAB's method. The method is about putting money aside during the lean months to be ready to pay during the higher bills months. This would have you budget the average amount every month and normalise your budget. While you want to put money aside depending on the amount needed for the month and have a budget that varies every month.

    In that case, you will have to do it yourself. The best is to not use the goals and put the amounts you want to budget each month in the category notes. Then, each month, you budget manually that category and the other categories that vary as well.

  • For this situation I use a yearly spending goal to smooth things over, to budget more in some months and less in others (if I go over).  

    HOWEVER, I will say, old YNAB used to have a feature that I loved, where in a pop-up you could see the amount you spent on something that month in the year prior.  When I was very  paycheck-to-paycheck and couldn't even budget an average electric bill each month, I relied on that quick budget popup to plan.  It was handy, but never returned, but the info can still be found, just with more clicks.

  • I also have highly variable electric bills, Tomato Welder , and folks here are right: unless your income is also higher in summer and lower in winter, you'll want to treat those high summer bills as a True Expense and budget for them year-round.

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