Even with the recent updates, I still find goals confusing. Can anyone tell me why if my goal is to have £275 by August, my goal target for the month was £58.33 (taking the funded balance to £300 rather than £275). 

I set the amount I needed by 1st of August and have just been using the "underfunded" button at the start of every month to allocate amounts to goals. 

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  • Pale Tiger said:
    my goal is to have £275 by August

    That's not the goal you specified. You made a Spending Goal, which looks at the Budgeted value each month. Did you have any transactions affected that category in May though August?

    (A Save By goal would perhaps have been more appropriate.)

  • Do you expenses coming out of this category? The spending goal was a lifesaver for me for Christmas. Let me explain and maybe it will help. I want to spend $1500 on Christmas 2020. So I have a goal for that amount with that date. But on Black Friday in November I buy a bunch of Christmas gifts and spend $500. A target goal would suggest that I am now $500 short for my December goal but the spending goal takes into account that I want to have enough to spend that by December.  Based on the average spent of 8.33 it looks like there was that amount there was $58.33 spent this year (58.33  / 7 months = 8.33). 

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