How does the API decide what a Transfer is?

Sometimes when you upload transactions, they are marked as a Transfer payment. Other times they are not. For example, the bottom payment here is marked as a Transfer:


If the API does not recognize a transaction, a user has to change it manually. That's a lot of work because the website doesn't have a button to do that in batches. You have to edit each transaction individually.

How does the API decide what to mark as a Transfer payment?

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  • Hey Wessel ! The first time a transfer transaction imports, it will need to be updated—to show YNAB how that money is moving between accounts. If you see it import as a transfer, it's likely been done in the past. The change will be remembered for future imports.

    Another possibility is a generic payee. To double check, when you hover over the Payee field of the affected transaction(s) in the web app, what do you see (if anything) following “Imported As…”?"

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      • Wessel
      • wessel
      • 1 yr ago
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      Nicole Thanks, it looks like you can set up a rule in Manage Payees > Transfer: xxx. You have to do that before you import.

      It looks like there is a transfer_transaction_id in the API Model, but it's not available for saving. How can I know if there is a way to create a transfer transaction using the API?

    • Hi Wessel !

      Brady made the announcement that Transfers are now supported in the API. The instructions are listed in our Release Notes on September 25th, 2018 - but I'll leave them below so you don't have to dig for them! ;)

      • The create and update transaction endpoints now support transfers by specifying a payee_id of a transfer payee (i.e. a payee with a non-null transfer_account_id).
      • For convenience, we’ve also added a new field on the Account model called transfer_payee_id, which is the payee_id to use when transferring to that account.
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      • Wessel
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      Hi Faness  That's exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks!

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