Budget Category Setup Suggestions

Hello, I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions for improving my budget category setup. Thanks!




🚨Emergency Fund

🔨Home Repairs/Maintenance

🔧Car Repairs/Maintenance


Debt Payments

👨Loan from Friend (1st)

🚘Car Payment (13th)



Monthly Bills

📱Phone (1st)

🚚Storage Unit (1st - 5th)

🌍Internet (5th)

🚗Auto Insurance (25th)



🔥Natural Gas

🏠Renters Insurance




▶️Youtube Premium (2nd)

📦Amazon Prime (12th)


Irregular Bills

📮USPS PO Box (May, Nov)

💰YNAB (Sep 13)

⚙️Drivvo (Sep 14)

🛡️Internet Security (Sep 29)

🔒LastPass (Dec 15)


😲Things I Forgot to Budget







Everyday Expenses



🧻 Household Goods

🧼Personal Care

🗄️Office Supplies

🚅Public Transportation (tolls, parking, bus, taxi, flight, subway, transit, train, etc.)



Stuff for me

😊Spending Money



🚗Car Wash

🍔Eating Out



Gifts & Donations






Small Savings Goals

🔋Car Battery


Large Savings Goals


🚓Tires Replacement

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  • Looks good to me. Only suggestion is to not be so granular for car maintenance things. So a single category for maintenance with a goal to have a certain amount funded every month and that’s where tires and battery etc would go. 

    edit to add - not sure if the above is the order of the category groups in YNAB but if it is, the everyday spending and expenses for me should be closer to the top  and DO NOT SPEND should be at the very bottom (because you’re not spending it then you don’t need to see it, right?)

    and I went less granular on personal care vs hair and groceries and household goods are together in mine  I got sick of breaking up receipts  if you like you can use the coloured dots to break these down and do a split transaction using the same category on multiple lines  and mark the dot or put a note for household so you can separate it later if you want to  

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