Category for paying credit card by cash or from external checking account?

I'm new and still learning how to use YNAB. 
I paid my credit card from my partner's checking account. I don't set up that account in my personal YNAB. 
In YNAB, payee options are only payment from internal accounts.

What category should I put if I pay my credit card by cash or from another account (not my checking account)?

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  • A credit card payment from an account not in the budget should be categorized to Inflow: To Be Budgeted.

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  • And just type the payee (payor in this case) you want. You don't have to use the suggested ones.

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  • And, if you've been using the card for budgeted spending (so that YNAB automatically moves money from the purchase category to the credit card available-for-payment category), note that YNAB does not remove the money from the credit card payment category for you (unless the credit card balance goes positive, but it doesn't sound like that's relevant here so don't worry about it).

    So the card balance may be zero but your credit card payment category will still say $300 or whatever.

    So now you can manually move the money from the cc category to somewhere else in your budget, since you no longer need to reserve those dollars for paying the credit card.

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