Budgeted credit card transaction is showing up in the wrong credit card account?

Hello! I made a $17.78 purchase yesterday on a credit card, and logging this purchase required me to create an entirely new category as it was my first time logging such a transaction. It also required me to move some extra dollars from one of my other categories. So I added this transaction in the credit card account that I used and everything looked good.

However I checked it just now and noticed that the $17.78 is showing up under the "Activity" for the other credit card account that I have. But when I click on the numbers in the Activity column of each credit card, I see the recent transactions and the $17.78 transaction is listed in the correct account recent history for the first credit card, it's just not being reflected in the correct row of the budget. As a result the Available amount for the second, incorrect credit card shows $17.78 more than it should. I'm not sure if I set this up incorrectly or if it's a system glitch that I caused, how would I go about fixing this?

Thanks in advance!!

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  • I've seen this when multiple cards are used within the same spending category and there is an inflow/return.

    You might delete the transaction and enter it again.

    Alternatively, just manually shift funds between the two CC Payment categories.

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      Yes, that's exactly what happened! Had an inflow come in on that second card because of a credit return and I noticed this after it came in...

      I tried deleting the original transaction under the card that I used, and adding it back, but it didn't change anything. I'm newer to YNAB so the numbers not being exact is kind of driving me crazy but worst case I can just move the $17.78 between credit cards like you suggested and make a note. Thank you!

    • Minnie Check the CC Payment categories at the end of the month after you've added other transactions. I've seen it self-correct, in which case you should delete the correction you made.

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