CSV import with budget categories


So I decided to change my budgeting app to YNAB. Want to try your service.

I want to import all transactions from my old app.

I exported transactions from my old app.

Now I am preparing a CSV file of a right structure to import it to YNAB.

I tested some formats and it looks like YNAB does not import categories from CSV file at all.

It means that thousands of transactions from my old app will wait for my MANUAL editing?

So is it true that you cant import categories? If it's true - then I can't start using your app. Unfortunately

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  • Hi Cyan Mermaid !

    That is correct - categories are not imported when using File-Based Importing. While that past history can be great for reference, YNAB is a different approach to budgeting and the best way to start is with a clean slate. I know it may seem like you're losing something, but a good budget is a forward looking budget and that history can hold you back.

    I hope you'll give YNAB a chance without importing your old budget! A budget based on who you are today and not who you were all those transactions ago can make a huge difference! :)

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