Picture icons on budget category labels?

I was watching a YNAB video (Hannah) and I noticed that when she showed her budget that it has little pictures beside each category heading. Is this a feature on all versions of YNAB? How can I add imgages like that?

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  • I personally don't use them, but if you go to the YNAB website under Support and search "emojis" I think it will tell you how to add them on a PC, Apple device, etc.

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  • Hi Green Python!

    You can decorate your budget with all kinds of emojis! :)

    Here are the steps to add an emoji to a budget category in the iPhone app:

    1. Tap "Edit" in the upper right-hand corner of your budget
    2. Select the category
    3. Tap "Rename"
    4. Access your emoji keyboard to select the emoji that you'd like to use and edit the category name
    5. Hit "Save”

    And here are the steps for the Android app:

    1. Tap the “Checkmark” icon at the top of your budget screen
    2. Tap the category
    3. Access your emoji keyboard to select the emoji that you'd like to add to the category name and make any other edits
    4. Hit "Save”

    Your newly emoji-ed budget categories will have a lot more pizazz! ;)

  • On a Mac hold control-command-space anywhere you can type text to open the emoji menu. 🐍

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    • Owlette Thank you for this tidbit! It even has a search option! 😁

  • And on a Windows computer holding the Windows button and . (dot button) will do the same.

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  • I find it much easier to add emojis to the iPhone app, which then adds them to the desktop version

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      xgirlmama I agree that adding them is much easier in the phone app and that's the way I've also added most of mine. But it's nice that it's possible to do on the web app too when you want to do a small fix.

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