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Okay here it goes. I have a balance of 105 on my credit card. I spent an extra 558.69 on school. When I input the transaction (payee:school, catagory: debt payment student loan, outflow:558.69) on my budget list I have a yellow symbol that I overspent. I didnt though because i didnt break the limit on my card, its just that its not on my to be budgeted. How do I go about correcting this. Any help would be great.

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  • The warning / overspent indicator means you took on debt without any cash ready to pay off that debt. If possible, you should move cash from a lower-priority green category to fix the overspending. (Ideally, you would have moved funds in advance of the purchase, before it's not too late to skip if you can't find a category that's less important from which to take funds.)

    If, however, your future purchases are all more important than paying off that CC debt, then that's just how things are. Leave the overspending*, and you'll just have to deal with paying back that CC debt at some point in the future. When paying back debt becomes more important, budget directly to the CC Payment category and make the correspondingly larger payment.

    (*) Alternatively, cover the overspending from the CC Payment category, in order to turn off the warning. No need for YNAB to nag you for the remainder of the month if that was a conscious decision to finance that school expense.

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