I have a linked Amazon CC account.  When I make purchases, I put it on my Amazon CC.  Sometimes, some of those purchases are for my grandmother/family who then pays me back.  I do take that money and deposit it into checking and pay it back on Amazon.  How do I set this up in YNAB?  When I create a transaction in Amazon and it's for my grandmother, I actually have a category in my budget called Family Purchases.  So the expense goes to this category.  Do I budget for Family Purchases, or just the monthly payment to Amazon (as the balance changes every month and I do pay it in full).  AND here's the second piece.  When I get the money back for the reimbursed items and I deposit into checking, where do I put it?  Do I say "to be budgeted" or should it go to Amazon CC or Family Purchases?  I know in a YNAB video if you purchase groceries on a cc, you mark the transaction in groceries and then that amount is taken out of the grocery category and put towards the monthly payment of the CC.  However, I'm getting reimbursed and that's where I'm having trouble figuring things out.  Thoughts?

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