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I started YNAB at the end of August so I have just over one full month under my belt. I just looked at reports for the first time. One thing I don't see is how to track credit card payments over time. The "transfers" from checking to CCs don't seem to show up in the reports? I would like to see how much I paid to CCs each month and more specifically, how much of that is towards the principal vs. new purchases (right now I have one that I pay off each month; the others are old balances).  I'd like to see a graph of outstanding overall CC balance...going down each month. I do like how it tells me how to much to budget for each one to have them all paid off in 18 months. 


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    1. Monitor your progress/momentum in the networth report.
    2. Join the annual debt smack-down challenge to report on your progress and cheer on other YNABers:
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  • Green Flute said:
    how much of that is towards the principal vs. new purchases

    If you're not overspending on a card, then the value you budget toward each CC Payment category is identically equal to the debt reduction (i.e., "progress"). (I'm assuming you also send them the amount that's Available in the category.)

    FWIW, payments toward on-budget CC accounts isn't spending, because money isn't leaving the budget. This is why it doesn't show up in the expense report. (It left the budget when you swiped the card or as part of the starting balance.)

    However, on the cards you're just paying off, you might consider treating them like any other bill with just a category (and no account). These payments would then show up as spending in reports. You wouldn't have a graph of the declining balance, however.

    If you wanted payments to show up in reports and a graph of declining balance on those cards you're not using, you would need to use just a category in the budget and make a separate tracking account to get the graph. Either import or update manually each month.

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