The nasty averages

On the right hand side are figures I have been trying to ignore for a long time.  Partly because I had bad spending patterns and partly because I was making mistakes using YNAB.  I now have the most awful (and I think wrong) averages on there.  Can I reset them somehow?  I dont want to do a full Fresh Start.

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  • You can't reset them.  If your goal is to keep the transaction history but restart the averages, you could zero all your categories, hide them and create all new similar categories to use going forward.  I would do a fresh start since the transaction history will be saved in the old budget.

  • Hey Good Intentions ! Herman is spot on here. If you want to draw a line in the sand between those old & new habits—you may want to do a Fresh Start.

    Average Budgeted/Average Spent calculates the average amount over the previous 1 - 12 months. It starts with your first active month (with budgeting or spending) and excludes the current month.

    As your new habits continue, you'll see those numbers trend in the other direction! Or they might be telling you that some extra attention is needed. Our household was in denial about how much was spent on our new puppy last year, and we made some adjustments—budgeting a bit more, and spending less—because the dog really doesn't need that many treats.  Plus, he loves carrots and those are Groceries. 😂

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    • Nicole 😆  Thanks!  I didn't realise they were only annual averages.  That's better, as the badness will recede.  You could deduct the dog costs from Fitness, as you have to take him on walks 😉

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