Single withdrawal linked to two deposits in other account

I have my mortgage payment set up to automatically draw from my checking account (a budget account) each month. This payment includes additional principal. All of my previous servicers would like the deposit side on their end as a single line, however my latest company is showing this as two transactions that sum up to my total payment. The mortgage in YNAB is a tracking account.

How do i reconcile this?

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  • Delete the tracking account and it's not a problem.

    If you keep the account, select the two imported transactions, verify they add to the transfer you recorded and delete them. Clear the transfer.

    I can't imagine having the account and not importing the interest transaction. Manually keeping this account accurate is a fair bit of effort when you can just look at the statement on the rare occasion you need your balance.

  • Solution 1: Keep the tracking account. Record the payment as a normal outflow and not a transfer. Use the Reconcile button in the tracking account each time you want to update the balance (and enter a balance adjustment)

    Solution 2: Enter the transfer as a split transaction. On the checking account side, check the total is right, on the tracking account side check each split is correct. If you don't know the split in advance, that's tricky.

  • Both of these workarounds are just that though, workarounds. I'm after a solution here. The fact is that both banks are importing transactions and they cannot be logically linked together at the moment as transfers.

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      • Stealing From the Future fix is an improvement but is incomplete....
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      pksublime The split transaction isn't a workaround. It's showing reality. One transaction on the bank account side, 2 transactions on the mortgage account side.

      I do this in my budget for my mortgage, though I don't import transactions from the mortgage account, so it doesn't really matter to me.

    • pksublime Your hands are tied because you don't know the portion that goes toward principal beforehand. You either edit the split when you do or just delete the imported/redundant splits when you reconcile.

      The path of least effort is to just rely on import to update the account balance, but you obviously lose the verification that your payment was correctly applied. If you want that, you're just going to have to do more work.

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