Question about paying rent before the next month

I started YNAB in the middle of May. I had already paid the rent for this month. I have the funds for next month's rent and paid it already. The problem is that YNAB wants to charge the rent for May not June. 

I was not able to figure it out so I set a schedule transaction for June. In the mean time my bank account and YNAB checking are not the same. 

Thanks in advance for you feedback 🤓

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  • I always make everything match reality. In fact, I’m in the middle of a refinance and was told to pay next month’s mortgage early which I did on May 22. So, I just happen to be in the exact same situation this month. What I did was unbudget my June mortgage payment and then added it to May instead. So I ended up with a double mortgage budget value in May that is now down to 0 after paying the mortgage twice this month.

    tl;dr You paid it in May so budget for it in May.

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  • Eddie Jimenez said:
    The problem is that YNAB wants to charge the rent for May not June. 

    If you paid already, the money is already gone. So in YNAB this is an expense for May.

    The payment date is leading, not the month the service you purchase is consumed.

    Check out rule 1: Give Every Dollar a Job. The idea is that you only move money that you can spend into categories.

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      Plus, Eddie Jimenez , it seems to me like you will probably pay July's rent in June, so if you just keep budgeting rent each month and paying it each month, it doesn't really matter that the rent you're paying isn't for the month you're paying it in.

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  • If you bought a Christmas gift in July, would you want that to impact your December budget?

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