What happened to my money?! Ready to Assign, etc.

In the past, I've always used an "Income for Next Month" category to ensure I was living on last month's income. When YNAB rolled out the new "Ready to Assign" features that allowed me to start assigning things to August, instead, and seemed to eliminate the "Stealing from the future" problem, I went ahead and tried it out. I did this while on vacation, so I wasn't alert to what was happening, until it was too late.

Based on "Recent Moves," here's what I did, all on the updated mobile app:

  • July 13 - Moved Paycheck #1 ($2400) from "Income for Next Month" to "Ready to Assign" and then Auto-Assigned it to 14 Categories. (This money later vanished into thin air. Stolen from the future? But I have no idea how.)
  • July 13 - 24 - Moved money between various categories in July's budget, spent money while traveling, etc.
  • July 24 - Moved Paycheck #2 ($2400) from "Ready to Assign" to "Income for Next Month," temporarily forgetting about the new features. 
    Moved Bonus ($13,600) from "Ready to Assign" to "Home Enhancements" (in retrospect, this was $1,000 more money than I actually received, math error! The bonus was smaller than expected and arrived together with my paycheck in one payment, hence my confusion)
    Moved $1,500 from "Ready to Assign" to "Travel" while on vacation (this money also apparently didn't exist... and got stolen from the future!)
  • July 30 -  Look at August budget and PANIC and start frantically pulling money from categories, because somehow there's only about $2600  to pay all my bills for the month (half of what I should have!).

I had to raid a bunch of categories and now I'm in a total bind. What the heck, YNAB?

P.S. I'm also finding that changes I make on mobile don't consistently sync with desktop, anymore.

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  • Hey Gold Pilot ! Great question. The new Auto-Assign feature helps prevent Stealing From The Future because it won't assign more money than you have. It is possible when you directly assign dollars to your categories by using other ways to move money, like typing in the amounts yourself. Does that sound like what could have happened toward the end of July?

    A good place to start is by reconciling your accounts to make sure that the transaction data is correct and we're working with the right numbers! If you'd like, you can enable Support Access and our team is happy to look closer. Let us know if you'd like to continue here or via email.

    Here are a few tips that our Bugs team has to help with syncing between web and mobile—if you still see it happening, fill out the form and they'll investigate!

  • Because the new app no longer tells you how much was funded and assigned (hidden on the web app, removed completely in a HUGE backward step on the app) you just cant see when something like this happens. There is no way I could rely on auto assign for everything. 
    There are times when I only want to assign my budget amount, and move money from another category, but auto assign pinches future funds (still does, nothing appears ‘fixed’) to me. So pretty much you are working blind on the ipad app. Making it pretty much useless

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