Where has 7 months of YNABing taken me?

I've been using YNAB for 7 months now. This is far longer than anything else I've ever tried. But what has happened during these months?


💳 No more credit card debts! Woohoo! I've paid almost 1700€ of debt in past 7 months. Now I have a plan to pay my student loans one by one and be debt free in May 2022. 

🤶 I'm saving for Christmas. Past few years I've always been broke between Christmas and my next payday. I started year 2021 with less than 100€ to last until Jan 15th. But, this year I've already started saving for Christmas, so I'll have the money for gifts, foods and decorations and hopefully I don't really have to use my Dec salary for any (or many) Christmas preparations. I feel smart. 

🚨 I'm building emergency funds. Slowly, but I've heard that Rome wasn't built in a day either. Just quite recently I hand to spend 11 days in a hospital and now I'm waiting for my invoice. It'll be around 450€ but it's ok. I can breathe. I can breathe because  I can pay it when it arrives as I had managed to save enough funds for health emergencies. Only annoying thing about it will be the fact that I actually need to use my money and start the building all over again. 

🛍️ Less shopping. I mean, WAY less shopping. I buy what I need but that's about it. I assign some money monthly for hobbies (magazines, yarn, books), cosmetics, clothes, goodies and so on, but let the excess roll over to the next month. Then I have funds if I need (or want 😏) something. Like those shoes last month. And that perfume on sale,  you know, the one that I almost bought last December. 

🤥 It's a learning curve. I've needed one reconciliation for my credit card as I messed up few months ago and got a bit sloppy. But hey, it's ok. You live, you make a mess and you learn. 

🤭 Got a little help with my financial situation as I got a new job. The end salary from the old one and a bit better monthly salary from my new job has helped a lot. With YNAB in my life I didn't spend it all in a whim and instead gave every euro a job. But lets face it, YNAB hasn't made me a saint, I did buy that iPad...

👵 Today my money was 58 days old. Seriously. 58 days. Can we call that middle-aged?

📈 My net worth is positive. Hey, does this mean I'm a catch??? When I started in January I was heavily on the negative side and thought this will be a challenge. I mean BIG challenge. Well, I'm not drowning anymore and I plan to stay that way. 

🥰 I married YNAB. Well, er, not quite. But I felt so sure about our relationship that I actually paid the yearly subscription fee. Big commitment. 

And the most important thing:

😎 No more stress about money. I have covered the most important expenses for the next month, I have (a lot of 😳) money on my bank account on my payday, I'm covering my true expenses, I've paid all my credit card debts, I'm more prepared for emergencies. Sure, at any time there might be that punch I'm not ready for but slowly I'm getting there. 


Thanks YNAB, you're the best. Happy 7 month anniversary on July 31st. â¤ï¸

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  • Congrats! That's quite an accomplishment in 7 months! 🎉

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    • Superbone Thanks. I've had my ups and downs but it's been great. Some extra money made quite a difference but I've also learned a lot. 

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  • Great Work! that's quite a list of wins

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    • Bruce Thank you! I feel like a winner. But there's still a long way to go before I can feel really secure financially. Every month takes me closer. 

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  • That’s so encouraging to read :) 

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    • polishrose Good to hear, thanks. I've learned a lot and sometimes it's a struggle. But as much as I would just like to see the money multiplying and the charts go up it's also ok to live a bit. 

  • Happy 7 month anniversary!!! I love that you can list so many different ways that your financial life has shifted. Way to go!!

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