Looking for a way to record CC transactions without a CC account

Has anyone ever forgone a credit card account category and just recorded it's usage as "overdraft"?
It seems pretty straight forward that way (in theory).

For instance, if I spend $20 on gas on my credit card I would record it as $20 gas which would minus my gas budget by $20 (as I didn't budget for it or I wouldn't have to use the CC in my world).


As it is, the current method for credit cards in YNAB does not work for me so I have to find a hack.....feedback? 

Keep in mind I don't have automatic bank importing on my account so it's all manual anyways.

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  • Using the budget to spend from an account that is not in the budget is high up on the Bad Ideas list. To say nothing of the fact that what you describe is exactly how the stock handling already works. If you buy gas for $20 and you don't have the money for it (I have opinions about that transaction, but I will keep them to myself), YNAB shows you have spent $20 on your credit card and not reserved any money to be able to pay it. 

    What can we help you with as far as understanding the credit card handling? 

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  • Orchid Barnacle Please do not do that to yourself. If CC handling doesn't work for you, learn how to make it work for you. If you start making up your own hacks before you understand the system and can use it as designed, you will run into frustrating and confusing unintended consequences. We will have a very hard tie helping you because we will not know what hacks you're using and why. 


    If, after learning how to use the system as designed, you want to implement a hack that works better for you, go for it.  

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