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I never thought I would post anything like this because I was embarrassed about my lack of money skills. But after reading some of your stories I feel like it is safe to post this here. 

I am almost 60 and have never been able to manage money properly. I have to work very, very hard to keep on top of things and not spend like a crazy woman.  A few years back we sold a house and bought a new one and ended up with quite of bit of money left over. I thought this was where I would finally take full control and have an emergency fund and money for anything I need. I thought I would set up a nice saving account and be set. Unfortunately, I also thought that since we had money I didn't need to pay as much attention to it as I used to. I was wrong. We blew through that money and ended up with a significant amount of credit card debt. In December I decided I was completely tired of living this way and paying NSF fees at the bank because I wasn't keeping track of the balance or the coming bills. That is when I discovered YNAB. I did the free trial in December and really struggled with how it was supposed to help me, but I was still thinking of the old way of budgeting. When I finally realized how it worked it was literally like the sun shone through the clouds. I hit January 1 with a solid understanding of how this worked and determination to be successful with it.  We got our first paychecks on Jan. 2 and I was ready with the bills that needed to be paid with that check. Not only did I have my bills and expenses all accounted for, but there was money to put in the Fun Money category - something I thought we would have to do without for a while.  I got paid again yesterday and I still had over $600 left in my bank (this was in the Fun Money and Dining Out categories).  That has not happened in a long while. I usually am sweating as the payday approaches wondering if the pay will hit the bank before the bills do. I've been sitting here this morning paying the bills - in advance - and marveling that I will have money left over again. I found another site that has helped me establish a payment plan for my CC debt, so I've started to incorporate that into my budget.  For the first time in a very long time, I feel like I really might be able to do this. According to my payment plan, I should be completely out of debt by March 2020, I'm trying to get there sooner.  Once I have a little bit of an emergency fund, I'm going to put more money towards my CC bills and get rid of them. 

So there it is...this is not something I feel comfortable sharing with anyone other than my husband, but I'm also super excited about not having money worries this month.  It really feels good to have all my bills paid and still have a little extra money to have some fun with. Thanks, YNAB. 

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  • Congratulations! It is such a stress relief to be in control of finances. YNAB has totally changed the way I look at money and I feel secure knowing I can handle unexpected expenses in the future.

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  • This is awesome! I think we can all relate to having some regrets regarding money and wishing we'd found YNAB sooner.  March 2020 will be here in no time and I think if you stick with YNAB you're likely to be finished even before then.  

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