"using the budget" properly - not clear to me

Hi all (reposted in more useful area)

Just started YNAB yesterday so bear with me!  I've set all my categories ok, and worked from the money actually IN my accounts, I get that bit.  I've allocated all the available money to specific budgets.

Now, I put fuel in my car this morning - 65 quid's worth.  Am I supposed to take that off the amount left to budget?  I tried that, but when I reduced the amount in my fuel category by 65 pounds, it just added it to the "available amount" at the top - which is obviously incorrect.

What am I doing wrong?




PS Im in UK so can't link acccounts

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    When you spend the money, enter a corresponding transaction, with the corresponding category selected. That will take the 65 quid out of the category spent from.  You have to tell YNAB that money has been spent and is no longer available, and do that by entering (manually) the spend right when it happens, to keep your budget up to date.

  • On the mobile app click the plus sign to add a transaction. 


    On the web, go to the account you spent from and create a transaction. 


    That will reduce the available in your fuel category by 65 quid

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      satcook this. You budgeted. Now you are spending that budgeted amount by entering transactions. 

  • Violet Viper said:
    Am I supposed to take that off the amount left to budget?

    Hi, and welcome to the YNAB forum.

    The desired number for TBB is Zero.  Budget every £ to a category.  It's all right if you guess incorrectly and need to move between categories later in the month.    So make your best guess as to how much you'll spend on fuel for the month and budget to that category, then allocate every last bit until you have 0 left to assign. When you spend, enter a transaction in the register of the account (wallet, bank, credit card, etc) for the amount spent on fuel.

    Check out the free online webinars.  They run them at different times of the day to better accommodate people in different time zones.


    there are also a series of videos (each a couple of minutes in duration) available on numerous subjects


  • Hi Violet Viper ! Hi there! Welcome to You Need A Budget! And the forum. We're so glad you've joined us!

    As you spend money, you'll enter your transactions in YNAB. That's what let's your budget know that money has been used! A great habit to get in is downloading the mobile app and entering them as you go. My husband and I challenge ourselves to add the transaction before we leave the store, or parking lot. Here are the steps to add transactions in the web app and mobile app.

    I see that our free workshops have been mentioned, but I think you'll find the Set Up Your Budget one really helpful here. Let us know if you have any other questions along the way! 

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