But I havnt paid it off yet!

So I have a category for computer replacement where I did not budget for a new laptop but I splurged and I bought a laptop (I had paid off my credit card first time in years, and feel very in control financially) 

anyway the laptop was stolen before delivery and I’m hoping for a refund (but amazon.com are crooks and trying to slither out)

anyway my computer replacement available column read something like -1000

however the month ticked over and that reset to 0

when I get my refund (if 🙄) and I input that money back into my credit card I would have though it would balance against that negative amount. 
now when refunded I don’t know where to enter it...help?

i use YNAB on an iPhone and Mac

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    Regardless of the date the purchase was recorded, since you selected your "computer replacement" on the transaction (account) side, you'll also categorize the refund (fingers crossed they refund you 🤞) to the same "computer replacement" category on the transaction (account) side. This will zero out the total spent for the report side of things.

    That same refund amount will then be moved to the computer replacement budget category (in the budget screen) for whatever month the refund was issued in. If you don't want that money to stay in the "computer replacement" category going forward, you can zero out that budget line, and put the funds back into TBB.  Then you can assign those dollars to whatever job(s) you want from there. 

    If the two account transactions (purchase/refund) are in different months, you're budget might look strange but it will reflect reality. 

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  • Melissa is correct on the transaction categories -- always inflow refunds back to the original category. However, since you didn't budget for this purchase, you need to consider what happens with your CC Payment category.

    If you're not going to buy another computer right away, then you should move those funds now present in the Computer category to the CC Payment category. (It will have been decreased by the refund.) This resets things back to where they were before the purchase. 

    However, if you decide to make another order, the budget will take care of itself. (You don't have to reallocate from Computer to the CC Payment category.) That will be a "budgeted" purchase (since Computer has funds Available from the refund), and the decrease in the Payment category (from the refund) will be corrected automatically. You will, of course, have to budget directly to the CC Payment category to pay off this purchase in the coming months. (After the month of the outflow, it's just considered "debt", regardless of how it got there.)

  • Melissa said:
    If you don't want that money to stay in the "computer replacement" category going forward, you can zero out that budget line, and put the funds back into TBB.

    This is the only part that's not really correct. After the refund, the CC Payment category will be short. If a computer is not going to be bought after all, then those funds should be moved to the CC Payment category.

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  • Are you in the UK? There are some very useful clauses in UK credit card agreements. One is you can ask the card issuer to issue a chargeback to Amazon for the failure to deliver if Amazon won't give a refund. There may be similar clauses in other countries credit card agreements.

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      Richard Holland thank you so much for this advice! I’ll look into this forthwith

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