Accounts not reconciled - 100% auto-import transactions

Hi everyone,

For the first time using YNAB, I realized that my YNAB balance and my bank balance were off. The cleared balances are different by about $700. 

I'm on 100% automatic import, so I don't understand how this happened. I clicked the reconcile button at the top, but I've never reconciled before, so I get every transaction ever entered into YNAB for the last two years (when I started). 

I'm not sure where to go from here. Any suggestions? If the amount were smaller, I would just do an adjustment. But I'm confused about where this difference could be coming from. 

Thanks for any advice!

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  • It's frequently due to the starting balance. You really have no choice but to do an adjustment, since you have the money you have.

  • Sometimes import misses transactions. 

  • You could turn the running balance on and see if you can find a point the accounts matched and then you would only have to reconcile from that point forward.  2 years worth could be a needle in a haystack type search though.

  • Hi Gold Wrench !

    Since you've recently noticed the discrepancy, it would be good to review your register for the last few weeks and compare the transactions to your bank. If you're missing recent transactions or having trouble with a connection, you can report a Bank Importing Issue here.

    In your account register, check for the following:

    • Transactions that have cleared the bank but have a gray C next to them.
    • Missing transactions that need to be entered or imported
    • Transactions you entered or imported that have the wrong amount (maybe inverted, 0.34 instead of 0.43, for example)
    • Duplicate transactions

    It may be best to enter a reconciliation balance adjustment and move on. That way, you can trust your budget! 

    No matter how you bring in transactions—enter yourself, File-Based or Direct Import—reconciling your accounts regularly is a great habit to get in. The more often you reconcile, the easier it’ll get.

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