Set conditions with Scheduled Transactions



I've recently started using YNAB, and so that the Scheduled Transactions feature is very basic.

Is there any extension or workaround at the moment to set any conditions?


1. Set X of times to make scheduled transactions.

2. Set end date of scheduled transactions.

3. For credit cards payment, set to actually pay the set amount if the balance is bigger then zero. just like when in your bank you set auto payment, but if you don't have nothing to pay it won't be triggered. 

4. Set automatic clear for fixed transactions (e.g internet bills), or manually prompt you to make sure the payment is correct (e.g. water/gas/electricity bills).


Hopes this will be on the road map for later YNAB updates...

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  • Nothing associated with YNAB of which I'm aware. I just put this sort of thing in my normal To Do tracker with the relevant date to delete the recurring instance (e.g., your #1 & #2).

    As for #4b, I would put the month in the memo when you edit the amount to be correct. The idea is that the transaction date advances, leaving a mismatch with the month in the memo. This indicates you haven't "handled" that particular bill.

    • dakinemaui i will do it. thanks.

      I hope those things could be later implemented in YNAB,

      It seems like a small efforts to make Scheduled Transactions to a complete capability..

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  • Hi Spring Green Clarinet ! Welcome to You Need A Budget! I'm going to move this over to the App Functions section of the Forum for a better fit. Here is a link to our Scheduled Transactions HelpDoc, with more information on the current possibilities.

    Thanks for letting us know you'd like to see more options made available! If you’d like to submit these ideas for consideration to our product team, please submit a Feature Request. As we make these decisions, we consider how many users would benefit from this, what impact it might have on other features we have in development, and most importantly how it lines up with the YNAB method.

    • Nicole thanks.

      I saw the help doc for it, again very basic.

      I've submitted a feature request on the topic.

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