Reconciling - my balances don't match!

So, I have included every deposit and transaction and for some reason I have more money in my bank account thank my WYNAB account. Then, when I ask WYNAB to make the adjustment, I end up with more money in my to be budgeted than in by bank account. 


Im not sure why i am doing wrong, but I have checked my transactions like 7 times and I know those are accurate!

What should I do to adjust this discrepancy?

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  • Make the adjustment transaction. Yes, your TBB should increase because you now have more cash. The money in the budget always equals the cash in your accounts.

    If you have red categories, that inflate funds elsewhere in the budget and should be corrected ASAP.

    Outside of that, if you have multiple cash-based accounts, they all contribute to the money in the budget.

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  • Are you clearing the items in YNAB when they clear your bank account??

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  • Hi Ramses Rodriguez !

    When you reconcile an account, YNAB uses the Cleared balance of the account. You'll want to make sure you've cleared all of your transactions in YNAB that have already cleared in your bank account. 

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