Notifications on Google Calendar

I am working on sending my scheduled transactions to Google Calendar. This way I can get notifications when payments are due. I was wondering if anyone else thinks this would be useful for them too. Also feel free to drop any suggestions of other information that can be sent to Google Calendar to help track things better. 

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  • Hi Orange Mask !

    I've seen quite a few YNABers note they'd like the calendar in YNAB to be more interactive (such as, list due dates). I think using the API to integrate your budget with an outside calendar is a great in-between!

    This thread is older, but it had activity up to just a month ago.

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  • Yes please!

  • I actually found this because I was searching for some sort of calendar tool integration that would work with it. I would love a calendar function that allowed you to not only put the bills in, but would send you notifications for when they are due. I realize I can do this with google calendars, or any other number of applications, but that just ONE MORE thing I have to remember to look at. It would be very helpful if I could see that calendar while budgeting out what I have in the account instead of having to toggle out of it to see which person gets my money this week 

    • Gray Admiral Though there are a number of APIs that work with YNAB, I haven't seen one with calendar integrations or due date notifications. I think lots of folks simply write the due dates of regular bills in the category names and sort/categorize based on time/frequency.

      If you have time (har har), you can send our team a Feature Request with details about what you'd like to see added to the app! That way, our design team's eyes will be on it. :)

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