HOW TO: reconcile a NON-budget a/c with current a/c's in YNAB4?

I have a non-budget a/c for a household member.  He deposits money into my check a/c through ZELLE.  I spend money for this person FROM my check a/c for cash purchases AND a credit card a/c for online purchases or store purchases.  The credit card is allocated specifically for this person and I do not use it for any of my own purchases.

****What I am doing currently when I make a purchase FOR this person from my check a/c is......

= enter the transaction IN my check a/c and  select the CATEGORY = "household member' under THE 'pre-ynab debt' BUDGET ....where I created this category.

  What is the best way to record transactions to reconcile this one non-budget a/c?

The issue seems to be that MONEY is DEPOSITED into one of my 'personal a/c's' (from this person) which I ALSO utilize for my personal finances.

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  • Hi hot pink tugboat !

    I want to make sure I understand what you mean here - do you have a non-budget account for a household member, a category, or both? If you have a non-budget account, you'd need to transfer the funds from the non-budget account to your checking account (since that's where you put the actual funds). You can then budget the funds towards the household member category. As you use the credit card, categorize the purchases towards the household member category.

    The balance of the credit card should equal the amount the household member owes you, and you'll have enough to cover that spending as long as it was budgeted for in your household member category. You'd reconcile the credit card account to make sure what's in YNAB matches what's on your credit card and is the actual spending used for the household member.

    Does that help clear things up?

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  • Thanks SO MUCH...  Yes, I did create the non-budget a/c for the household member AND i created a category to assign expenditures.  

      When I try to create a TRANSFER FROM household member's non-budget a/c TO my check ac  = it comes out in reverse???  I need the CREDIT to appear IN my check a/c (dep of funds) AND I need a CREDIT to appear in the household member's non-budget a/c.... so when I reconcile with him, he can see the CREDIT and I can ALSO reconcile my check a/c accurately with the deposit CREDIT.  So, just to be clear, it looks like I need to make the TWO (2) transactions of CREDIT to ensure  both the check a/c AND household member's non-budget a/c can be reconciled accurately.  Is that correct?

      The credit card purchases are working smoothly and I can reconcile BOTH credit card a/c AND household member's non-budget a/c.....AS LONG AS I enter transactions INTO BOTH a/c's separately.  I know it is double the work ...but when I utilize the 'transfer' selection for transactions.... the amounts REVERSE.  I am sure there is an easier way for me to look at this non-budget a/c.  I am trying to provide a recon for the non-budget a/c so that expenditures and deposits show up as such.

      Should I be entering each DEPOSIT from the household member INTO the BUDGET category (household member category) as well.... at the time my checking a/c receives the DEPOSIT?  For some silly reason, this whole household member non-budget a/c gets mirky (confusing) to me b/c I am NOT dealing with MY OWN MONEY.  It confuses me because  I "look at" MY budget as MY MONEY .... silly, I know but for some reason it is confusing me.  When I run low on the non-budget a/c balance, more money is deposited into my check a/c. so I don't HAVE TO make sure the money in that a/c lasts for a specific period of time.  With MY own money ..IT MUST DO THE JOB IT WAS DESIGNATED TO DO  :)   :)


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    • hot pink tugboat You're right! Since that non-budget a/c is meant to match the amount the household member has, you should enter an inflow to match any money he has. When you put the money in your checking a/c, you'll enter it as a transfer from the non-budget a/c to your checking account. Then budget the funds towards that category.

      So, the funds will flow into the non-budget a/c, then to your checking account and be budgeted towards the household member category, then spent from there. :)

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  • Thanks I will give it a try and, if any problems, I will cry for 'help' 😉

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