I'm looking for Small Businesses to use as Examples for my own SB

Does anyone have any advice or recommendations of small businesses I should review for a standard of excellence? I've never started a small business and I'm a visual person that likes to look at examples.

It's going to be a Technical Writing Small Business that helps on government contracts and with small businesses that need to update their public facing documentation, websites, and other items. 

The small businesses don't have to be in the same vein as my small business and I'm just kind of interested in what people see as businesses that excel at what they do.

Thank you!

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  • Hi Kate! Great to see other business minded people here too :)

    Replicating what successful or inspiring businesses do is an awesome thing to do, so glad you're wanting to do it. I'm a Business and Marketing Coach, and the amount of clients I see re-inventing the wheel is painful. 

    I heard a great story from Steve Jobs about looking for inspiration that I thought was brilliant. When he was looking for inspiration for different parts of his business, he didn't do what most people do and copy other's who were successful in the same industry. He looked at the INDUSTRIES that were experts in what he wanted to do, and find the best in that industry to replicate.  e.g. when he looked at creating an amazing customer experience for the retails stores, he didn't look at other retail stores, he asked the question, who is the BEST IN THE WORLD at customer service, so he modelled the customer service standards for Ritz Carlton Hotel Chains. 

    When he wanted to become more efficient in the manufacturing, he didn't ask who's the best in manufacturing, he asked who's the most efficient at anything, so he modelled what they do in formula 1 pit stops (replace 4 tires, refuel a car, and do other crazy kinds of repairs and maintenance in like 5 seconds? Crazy!!)

    Based on how you wrote your question, it looks like you're already thinking this way, but I guess it's good to expand the lens sometimes, and think a little outside the box for a better way of doing things :) 

    I hope this helps someone, if it's you, or even someone else reading this. And looking forward to hearing if you find a great place to model your standards from :D

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      Toby Knight This is so helpful! Thank you so much Toby!

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