Auto-cleared accounts

I would like an account option - for my Wallet account - to either

1. Automatically clear any transactions entered, or

2. Eliminate the entire notion of “cleared” from this account

Having to manually press another button (that is somewhat hard to access on iOS / iPhone SE) feels like a waste of effort for manually entered transactions on a cash-on-hand account that is implicitly cleared..

This option/feature is available on several competing products.

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  • Up vote! I've been wanting the same. 

    YNAB is great but there are many areas to improve the usability. There are for example way to many redundant clicks to enter a transaction via mobile. 

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  • Hi Beige Koala ! 

    Oh wow, this is great feedback! Just to be clear, this is for cash accounts only, correct? You're right, for cash transactions it's either cleared or non-existent 😆. No such thing as pending in the cash world! 


    I will certainly pass your feedback along to our design team! Thank you so much for caring enough about YNAB to send it in.

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    • Jannelle at YNAB 

      That’s correct - for a cash account.

      I still carry around those ancient printed bartering relics!

      P.S. That was a quick response! 😊

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  • The problem here is that you can choose an "incorrect" account type when setting up an account and you can't change it.

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    • nolesrule 

      The innability to change an account type is a different issue, as there is no currently no method to configure any account type that does not expect manual clearing of transactions.

      The YNAB developers should be proficient enough to figure out how to implement such an option - Adjustable account setting checked on entering transactions? Logic applied to all Cash accounts? Migrate to a different / auto-cleared account (perhaps also allow changing the account type itself)?

      There are many details and options available to software developers; the lack of exposed functionality doesn’t mean such features can’t (easily) be or should (or shouldn’t) be implemented.. 😊

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      • nolesrule
      • YNAB4 Evangelist
      • nolesrule
      • 1 yr ago
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      Beige Koala Yes. They should be able to. However the use of this feature would need to be restricted so that it could not be applied to account types to which it would be detrimental. There are too many people that just don't understand clearing/reconciling to give them this kind of power unilaterally on all account types.

      Which kinda leaves you stuck with tying it to account type, even if you can toggle it on and off.

      And right now there's no difference between the behavior and functionality of any on-budget asset accounts, so it doesn't even matter what you choose. So that leads to poor user training when adding new accounts because there's no reason to choose an accurate account type.

      Which brings us back to the fact that you can't change the account type once you've created the account.

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    • nolesrule You're right that you can't change an account type! But you can create a new account and move over the history. Here are the steps to do that (for anyone who is interested and reading this thread):

      1. Create a new account to replace the current one by clicking on Add Account > Skip> Enter Name & Type. Do this first! You'll have to give it a slightly different name. Enter a $0 starting balance for now.

      2. Go to the original account, select all of the transactions, and move them to the new account using the Edit menu. *For credit card accounts, you may also want to copy over any notes or goals you had in the corresponding Credit Card payment category.

      3. Refresh your browser.

      4. Delete the original account.

      5. Now, you can edit the name of the new account and/or set up Direct Import if you'd like.

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  • Actually this would also be a good feature for non-cash accounts. Personally I don't really use this functionality at all in YNAB and see no scenarios where it could be useful for myself. Maybe this is also a cultural difference, but in the UK where I live the notion of cleared transactions probably only exists for credit cards. Anything else is basically instantly cleared as soon you buy something.

    So either an option to make it optional would be good or maybe the possibility to set the default to cleared would also tremendously improve my workflow.

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  • I know this is an old topic but I just found it and wanted to add my desire for this. I would like to be able to specify this on an account of my choosing, irregardless of whether it is cash or other. I use Monzo for my main bank (and also a joint account with my partner) and in Monzo world there is no such thing as a pending payment. It goes out instantly as son as the transaction occurs. It gets realllly tiring going through and clicking "cleared" for every transaction (whether I add it myself or allow my IFTTT applet to do it for me). 

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    • Pink Wildebeest 

      I would open a new ticket/request. I believe this request is probably considered “closed” with the new learning algorithm updates to the mobile entry. Over time the mobile app ‘learns’ if the transaction should be cleared by default. (I doubt this applies to other methods of adding transactions.)

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    • Hi Pink Wildebeest !

      The only way to have those transactions be marked as cleared by default when entering them is to make the account a Cash account. You could use the Cash account type for your Monzo account to make that option available to you. :)

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