Trouble Connected TD account

I cannot begin to start using the system as it will not connect to my TD account. I am using the same information to log into the TD website just fine. Will I ever be able to use YNAB?

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  • Yes Ardent Credit Union is the one. Thanks!


    Okay so then can you please list what top 2 or 3 banks you have seen the least amount of issues with?  I get things change, and you can't be responsible for that, but would like to have a starting point to consider other banks.

    • Pink Banjo It's easier to check on a bank-by-bank basis, as we don't really have a Nice list to go with our Naughty list. :)

      I can tell you that the last issue I see recorded with Ardent was over 6 months ago and it wasn't a wide-spread issue (just one occurrence). I'm seeing a very small number of connections, but they're all currently connected successfully. 

      If there are any other banks you're considering I'd be more than happy to check the stats for you! A bank isn't added to our issues log unless there's an issue, so there isn't really a way to search for banks without issues.

  • Aha well that is helpful! Thanks. 

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  • I also sent an email requesting that my free trial be paused until the issue with TD Bank is resolved. Is there any way I can be emailed when the integration is fixed?

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    • Hi Tomato Boa ! Thanks for reaching out.

      I see that we followed up with you via email yesterday! You can keep an eye on the TD Bank connection on our Status page.

  • Psst  Faness now that we have the ability to filter categories, can the mods make an effort to make sure posts are moved to the right categories? I choose not to see all the people who need help with their importing because I can’t assist them. (And it is a huge part of the traffic here.) 

    • WordTenor We are! I'll check in on some of the older threads like this one, too. Thanks for the heads up! 😀

  • I see keeps on updating with the same message every month. Of course, they drop the history so it appears to be a new issue. Is there an expectation of when this might be resolved?

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    • Hi louisw !

      Our Direct Import partner let us know that TD Bank responded to them with feedback on their new platform integration. Our Direct Import partner is working closely with TD on the suggested changes, and we're hopeful that means a solution is on the horizon!

    • Nicole They were saying a solution was on the Horizon a year ago. Why not just admit the truth? You have no idea when it will be fixed, and, more importantly, YNAB as a business doesn't care when it will be fixed, since Quovo is cheaper (because they are bad at their jobs), so YNAB isn't going to leave them because it's better for the bottom line.

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    • Slate Blue  You're right about the issue with TD Bank - we don't know when it will be fixed, but we remain hopeful it will be soon. We currently have three separate Direct Import partners, despite the cost to use each of them. However, Quovo has shown us better results in other areas and a wider selection of financial institutions, so they are our preference. We do want this issue to be fixed, we want Direct Import to work seamlessly, and we're hoping we can provide a better experience in the future.

  • Hello YNAB support,

    I signed up for YNAB today, excited to use it after my prior (years old) experience with the desktop app.  I was thrilled to see the direct import feature and that is one of the reasons, I signed up.  I'm very disappointed to see that an issue reported a year ago is still not fixed.  I'm not prepared to go back to file import (I used it with the desktop app and it was fine but it's not fine for a monthly subscription).  I understand that you're doing all you can, you are not as big as Mint and that it's an issue with TD but at the end of the day, I'm still unable to use a feature that I will be paying YOU for.  As an earlier user suggested, I would be okay with it if I could put a "pause" on my payments, to be resumed when I'm able to seamlessly import from TD but that option doesn't seem to be available.  This leaves me with no choice but to request a full refund (I just signed up today and haven't actually used your services).  How do I go about doing this?

    Thank you.

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    • Alice Blue Yeti I'm so sorry for the delayed reply here! I do see that you reached out via email last week, and had that refund sent to your card. You can check for updates about the TD Bank situation on our Status Page and when you're ready, you can start a new 34-day free trial!

      I hope we have better news on this for you soon!

  • I also just signed up today and was disappointed to find this thread. TD Bank has been my primary checking/savings for years now after bouncing between many large banks and I have no intention of switching again just to use YNAB. I would absolutely love to use YNAB, provided direct import with TD starts working.

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    • Hi Pink Piranha !

      The only insight our provider was able to offer is there are currently conversations going on at the partnership level with TD on how to move forward. While there’s been some movement, they weren’t able to offer a definite timeline on when it will be resolved.

      You can check for updates about the situation on our Status Page, and we'd be happy to restart your trial when you're ready to give YNAB another try. 🙂

  • While we are waiting, what is the best method to track out TD Bank accounts within YNAB other than repeat manual entries? Can we import transaction exports monthly etc?

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    • Hi Slate Blue Wizard ! Great question! Have you seen our File-Based Importing option? It allows you to import a transaction file from your bank directly into YNAB. You can drag and drop the file into the web app and import those transactions!

      Let me know if you have any questions!

  • Hey there, can I please get my free trial canceled or suspended until the TD Bank stuff is worked out? I'd like to try it but I don't want to use up the trial while it doesn't work.

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    • Hi Gblekkenhorst !

      We don't have the option to pause your trial, but we'd be happy to restart that when you're ready to give YNAB another try! Just send us a message at 😀

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      Nicole  thanks, ill keep checking  in at the staus page. 

  • I just joined and started my trial. I'd like to make sure that YNAB will reset my trial once they get a fix going for the TD auto import. Otherwise this is all for nothing :(

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    • Hi Violet Gazelle !

      Yes, we'd be more than happy to extend or restart your trial once TD is back up and running! :)

  • I just spent 10 minutes reading this thread.  It starts at about 1 year ago.  This is absolutely insane that YNAB keeps given pathetic excuses for their lame performance on connecting to TD Bank.  Put in the list of folks doing a trial, only to find out I can't connect to TD Bank.  This isn't an issue with Quovo.  If that was the case, this issue wouldn't be persisting.

    After a f*$king year of people complaining about this, to see this issue still ongoing means that there is NO ATTEMPT at making a relationship with TD Bank and YNAB and instead of stringing folks along telling them to check the status page and blaming third-party vendors, why don't you just own up that YNAB screwed up, they did something that violated the terms of use with TD Bank, TD Bank slammed the ban hammer down, and YNAB will never be able to access TB Bank again.

    If that's NOT the case, then you should fire your entire product team (product owner and developers) because they are completely useless at their job.

    Give us a direct answer, a timeline, and/or a ETA on when this bank will be back available. Your pathetic excuses are no longer viable.

    • Hi Cyan Saxophone !

      Please try to remember that real people are behind the keyboards used to monitor the forum and work on our developments. :)

      TD Bank is currently not available for a successful connection through Quovo, who is our Direct Import partners. After TD Bank rebuilt their platform, Quovo had to rebuild their integration to specifications that required multiple reviews by TD Bank and they've been working on that process for over a year. So far, each review has been met with further requirements that needed to be met. As a result, the connection hasn't been repaired yet. This issue is not in the hands of our development team - we leave data aggregation in the hands of our third-party partners. We're eagerly awaiting Quovo to finish these updates so that the connection is once again available.

      I am unable to provide a timeline or ETA as this has been the longest running direct import issue we've seen. There is no ban hammer in place, and we've been told the integration will be repaired, we just can't say for certain when that will be.

      We apologize for the inconvenience and we'd be more than happy to restart your trial once things are back up and running!

  • I'm also a very frustrated user - I understand there is a workaround for the direct import issues (manual import) but the direct integration was a big selling point for me.  As Slate Blue Tugboat  mentioned: if I wanted to deal with spreadsheets and manual imports, I would just use a spreadsheet and save myself the subscription cost.

    I understand the underlying issue - it's not YNAB but rather the third-party service they have engaged - but ultimately, I pay YNAB for this service.  The fact they pay another company for infrastructure doesn't come into it.  YNAB is responsible for their product, which includes all their backend integrations.  If they don't work, it's on YNAB to deal with it.

    Given the length of time this issue has been going on, why were alternative integrators that have confirmed working connections not explored?  If I ran my business this way, I'd lose customers mighty quick.  As Slate Blue Tugboat said: if users were being compensated in some way for the broken paid for integration, that would be one thing.  Sadly, I've not seen anything along those lines - or even the hint.

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    • Lavender Camera As you can see from my last post 8 months ago....YNAB can't even keep a consistent message about what the problem is. Their customer service reps manning this forum directly contradict each other, and when this is pointed out, they just enact radio silence. 

      This whole thing is frankly a joke. 16 months. You can't make a fix on a software in 16 months. Remember, it took Intuit a few months to fix this. And YNABs response was to blame Intuit for being better at their software. 

      YNAB has NEVER taken responsibility for their problem. Faness continues to use YNAB's official line that it's the third party Quovo that's causing the problem. (also what happened to the other 2 providers they also use that were also supposed to be working on this issue). Yet they fail to mention they are still employing Quovo as a contractor after 16 months of failure. Ultimately they can pass the buck all the want, but this is on YNAB. They will never admit responsibility, they will never take steps on customer retention or sanctification.

      The idea that YNAB is some sort of plucky company that cares about you getting your finances in order is a lie. They care about user fees and that's it. And the fact that Quovo is apparently cheap is more important than that they are good. 

      Good luck ever getting a real answer out of them; they won't even respond to my posts. 

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    • Hi Lavender Camera !

      We're sorry for the frustration. It does feel unfair to pay for something when it isn’t working as expected and I get that. We're working on being more transparent with these issues because you're right - the experience you have with YNAB falls on us.

      Ultimately though, beyond a bit of free time, we can’t offer compensation (or refunds without complete cancellation) for Direct Import issues. Data aggregation is imperfect - it’s expected that there will be bumps in the road, and while we do everything we possibly can to fix them as quickly as possible, it’s just not something we have the power to eliminate (and trust me, we really wish we did).

      We have investigated alternatives, but we're currently unable to switch accounts away from Quovo. They're usually able to fix most issues within a few weeks. This issue with TD Bank has far exceeded any error we've seen before and we're still hoping to see a fix in the near future.

      While we'd hate to see you go, if direct import is a necessity for your budgeting approach, it might mean that YNAB just isn’t the best option for you. We want you to excel on your budgeting journey, even if it means YNAB isn't the answer.

    • Hi Slate Blue Tugboat !

      I'm sorry we missed your response above! We weren't ignoring your post - we'll always offer any answer we can find (and we're willing to search if we don't immediately know)!

      We understand that ultimately the experience you have with YNAB falls on us, regardless of the cause of the issue. We're working on being more transparent and taking responsibility for those issues. We remain hopeful a solution is still coming, we've received word it's still being worked on, but we don't have a timeframe on a fix for TD Bank.

      You're right that Quovo is still our main Direct Import partner despite this issue with TD Bank. Outside of this issue, they've been very responsive and are usually able to fix issues within a few weeks (usually, even sooner). This issue has been an anomaly and I'm sorry you've been affected by it.

      We do care about your finances and if this issue makes YNAB unusable for you, we understand. We'd be more than happy to refund your subscription cost, because we don't want you to pay for something you aren't using. 

  • I would like to add my voice to all those who have expressed their frustration about this matter. I have been using YNAB for three years now and have been very happy with the service, but I am now looking for an alternative platform. About three weeks ago, I've started encountering problems importing my transactions from my TD accounts. Reading this thread, it seems the problem has been longstanding and has affected different people, in different ways. Anyways, a budgeting platform without direct import is like a house without doors -- still useable, but needlessly cumbersome and out-of-touch with the way consumers do business.😤

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    • Hi dboivin ! I'm sorry you're feeling frustrated! You're connected through a different import partner—and there are a few things we can try. I've reached out via email to gather more information!

  • Hi! So last night I went full into YNAB! Short backstory, I remember some time back taking a look at YANB, but wasn’t into giving up my spreadsheet right then. Now, things have changed and I wanted to manage my resources tighter and this seemed to be just the answer! I was willing to bear the cost as well but very disappointed to say the least that TD does not import :/
    That is definitely a feature needed for me to use the product.
    Is there any update for the current situation? And outlook for this project?
    I would prefer not to cancel my trial or fire TD. Unfortunately, I will have to do one. 
    *Fingers crossed for a solid update*

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    • Hi Sky Blue Mixer ! Welcome to YNAB!

      After TD Bank rebuilt their platform, our import provider had to rebuild their integration to specifications that required multiple reviews by TD Bank, and they've been working on that process for over a year.

      So far, each review has been met with additional requirements. As a result, the connection hasn't been repaired yet. We're eagerly awaiting the day these updates are finished, so that the connection is once again available.

      This has been the longest running direct import issue we've seen, and unfortunately are unable to provide a timeline or ETA. We've been told the integration will be repaired, we just can't say for certain when that will happen.

      We apologize for the inconvenience and would be happy to restart your trial, once things are back up and running!

  • So it's obviously never going to get fixed.  The import problems with YNAB are ultimately going to kill it.  You have a terrible import service/architecture YNAB people.  Do you see the 1000's of complaints in the forums and online???  We see it!

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    • Hi Green Pilot ! We've been told the connection will be repaired, but aren't able to offer a definite timeline. This has definitely gone on longer than we and our import partner have anticipated, and it's the longest standing issue to date. We eagerly look forward to the day it's resolved!

      That said, we are actively working to make this less of a pain point for users (and for us too, since we're all YNABers ourselves!). We're constantly exploring options with existing and new data providers to help with that. Direct import is something we do want to provide as a dependable feature!

      For what it's worth I will say that while direct import is a really amazing feature (especially when it's working!), we feel our method is strong enough that your budget can still work very well without it. In fact, lots of YNABers don't use direct import at all and they're still able to have and use an awesome budget.

  • Not trying to add pressure but this really is a frustrating blocker.  Is the team still working on this? Is there a way to have visibility on progress?  I used YNAB over a year ago and it wasn't working.  I recently decided to rejoin because I believe in the method and I was disappointing to see that I still have to manually import transactions. Thank you for your support and please let us know what we can expect with this blocker.

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    • Hi Pink Python ! I'm sorry you're feeling frustrated. This has been the longest running direct import issue we've seen, and have been told the integration will be repaired, we just can't say for certain when that will be.

      After TD Bank rebuilt their platform, our import partner had to rebuild their integration to specifications that required multiple reviews by TD Bank and they've been working on that process for over a year.

      So far, each review has been met with further requirements that needed to be met. As a result, the connection hasn't been repaired yet. We're eagerly awaiting for the updates to be completed, so that the connection is once again available.

  • Am adding my voice to the ones who have already expressed their frustration. TD is a major banking institution. The lack of connection to TD makes YNAB look unprofessional, even if ultimately your partners are to blame. At the very least, it behooves YNAB to email users with updates re: TD integration and continue pushing to get this fixed. Your silence gives the optics that you're hoping we'll just be quiet about it and eventually put up with the difficulties.

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    • Hi Steel Blue Vacuum !

      We completely understand the frustration with this direct import issue. We're still working with our import partner on a fix, but this has been the longest standing direct import issue we've had. 

      As we work to close out the Bank Importing threads in the forum, we're reaching out to YNABers affected by the issues in these threads via email. That way we can continue monitoring the issue and follow up directly once this is resolved. 

      We hope to have all emails sent in the next couple of weeks, but if you have any questions before then, please don't hesitate to ask!

  • After waiting FOREVER for YNAB to get TD Bank working I have just set up Direct Sync with competitor MoneyWiz 3. It isn't as good as YNAB but at least it SYNCS! Yodlee is the aggregator. I would suggest a change to Yodlee to make this work for the customers of TD Bank, of which there are many that are frustrated for sure.


    • Hi Silver Saxophone !

      Sorry for the trouble! Our latest import partner, Quovo, was just acquired by Plaid - another data aggregator who currently has a successful connection to TD Bank! They have to update things on the back end, but we're hoping to have access to that TD connection in the future. I sent you an email so that we can follow up with you once this issue has been resolved.

  • We're closing out Bank Importing threads in the forum to make sure these issues are better resolved.

    Replies in this thread have been turned off, but if you’re having trouble with your bank, please fill out this form and our Direct Import team will help you get things back up and running!

    For those of you who have posted in this thread, I've reached out individually so we can tag your account and email you if the connection is restored. If you wrote in via email or chat previously, you're already set!

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