Thanks to YNAB...

I tried for many years to get a handle on our finances and just couldn't get it. Thanks to a friend that told me about YNAB we got it all under control. Since starting YNAB our net worth has increased 300%!!! This is just our on budget accounts and not our tracking accounts (Retirement accts). We have been able to get out of debt (except the mortgage) and have been steadily increasing our emergency fund. (all debt shown after Apr '17 is on PIF rewards card) Still have a long way to go, but need to celebrate the little victories.

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  • What a gorgeous chart!  Woot! 馃憦  Beautiful!  For the benefit of newbie YNABers just getting going on their own journeys, would you care to share some of your go-to tips, either cost-cutting or income-increasing, that contributed to the chart?

     In other words, how did you do that?  

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      It was a combination of factors. I was able to earn some extra money through working a lot of overtime. But, the biggest thing is being able to have a usable budget. It allowed us to really track our expenses and make some cuts in areas we didn't realize were just draining our funds. The simplicity and functionality of YNAB has been perfect for us. Understanding that having a budget isn't carved in stone, and being able to quickly move money around in the categories to cover unplanned or unexpected costs is HUGE!!! We have been using YNAB's 4 methods and using Dave Ramsey's baby steps as our goals. I think the two really compliment each other very well.

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    • YNAB has given me back my future
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    Congratulations!  You have made fantastic progress.  

  • This give me hope! Thank you for sharing! :3

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