Help! Hit a quick budget button and now chaos!

I've been using YNAB for years, love it! For whatever reason I was dinking around and hit one of the Quick Budget options and now it shows I'm $1400+ over budget! I was sitting at 0 and everything was fine until I hit that button. I can't see any problems with any accounts. Is there any way at all to go back to a point in time like we used to be able to with YNAB4? If not, how can I fix my problem?

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  • Hi chriswalker !

    I know some time has passed since you created this post, but if you haven't logged out of your budget or refreshed the page, you can use the Undo button at the top of your budget to fix things.

    At the top of your budget and each account register, you'll see two circular arrows. Those are the undo and redo buttons.

    There isn't an option to load a previous version of your budget - the new YNAB automatically saves over previous information every few moments. If it's too late for the undo button, then you can manually adjust your account balances. If you notice a category has more money now then it did in the past, use the move money tool to put some of those funds back in your To Be Budgeted. You'll want to do that until your To Be Budgeted is back at zero.

    Let me know if that gives you any trouble!

  • Hey chriswalker !

    It's been a few days so I'm going to go ahead and mark this as answered. If you still have questions, just mention me in a comment and I'll get back to you! :)

  • Thanks Faness at YNAB . This is a serious flaw in the system. Relying on Undo is a good solution. Hopefully this can be addressed at some point. Its scary that clicking a single button (like one of the quick budget options) can totally mess up your budget and there's not a good way to recover. I do appreciate the reply and follow up.

    • chriswalker You're very welcome! :)

      With the new YNAB being online only, the changes are saved continuously but I'll let our development team know you'd like to see the option to load a previous version like in YNAB 4. I can't make any promises about that feature as an option, but I'll run it by them! 

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  • The ability to restore a budget from a previously saved export file has be asked for many times, this should be a priority for the development team.

    We have also been asking for an indication that we have stolen from the future, such as turn TBB red if that happens.

    Please pass these along to the development team again, I have submitted these requests before.

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  • This is ridiculous, I just did the exact same thing by accident on the app - I thought clicking the 'average budget' button was going to show me a report of where all my money went. NOPE, now I'm $6,000 under budget when I was perfectly balanced a minute ago and have to manually go through every single category to fix it. Ridiculous, it shouldn't be hard to add "undo" and "redo" to the app. 

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  • Totally agree there should be a undo button or at least confirmation prompt on the mobile app. Just accidentally messed up my budget too. 😡

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    • es Sorry for the trouble! The Undo and Redo buttons haven't been brought to the mobile app yet, but we hope to someday make the mobile apps as fully functioning as the web app. 

  • I highly recommend the Toolkit Extension since it adds a confirmation before you nuke all your categories with the quick-budget button. No help for the mobile folks, unfortunately.

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