multiple log-in accounts on app?

I am a small business budget coach. Right now I have one client who I trust and actually allow him to have access to my budgets (he just looks at his own). But his business is growing and we are going to allow access to his budget by other personnel. We will pay for a separate subscription for the business, but I'm wondering if there is an easy way to have multiple account log-in's on the same app other than logging out of one account and in to another. 



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  • Hi Tomato Sander !

    Congratulations to you and your client on the growing business! :)

    There isn't a way to easily juggle multiple account logins. You'll want to log out each time you're done using one budget and you'll need to log in to access the other one. The mobile app will open the last accessed budget by default, so make sure you're editing the right budget when making any changes!

  • Have suggested a multi access mechanism since day 1 of the YNAB web app beta launch.

    This was one use scenario i suggested, allowing a coach read-only access to your budget file

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    • negrcian 

      Thanks for weighing in here! :)

      I'll pass this idea along to our development team. Currently, YNAB is intended for household use only, so a single login assures that only people you trust are accessing your budget. A read-only option would prevent editing, so I'll pass it along for further consideration.

      If you have any other ideas, please don't hesitate to share!

    • Faness even for single households, we need multiple email accounts accessing the same budget (wife and me). If I am not available, she cannot reset password, for example, as email gets to me, not her. And having multiple logins with a shared budget but the possibility of separate non shared budgets too, will duplicate your earnings from the same household 

    • Hi Orange Mare !

      We still want YNAB to be a household subscription (charging one couple for multiple subscriptions just doesn't feel right), but I understand your point about access! We've recently released a Single Sign On option for Google which allows a second account to be linked, which may help in cases like these. Feel free to give that a try and if it's not exactly what you're looking for, you can let our development team know directly by submitting a Feature Request. :)

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