How Far Out Is Your Farthest Bill?

Afternoon all,

I was just looking at my template and noticed that I actually have some of my True Expenses that hit infrequently scheduled out into mid 2020. I was just wondering who had the same kind of thing and what they were?

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  • Car Replacement, estimated date October 2027

    Last cycle, estimated replacement was November 2017, but I replaced that car a month early because I decided to give my existing viable car to my daughter.  Absent wanting my daughter to have a reliable car, I would have tried to get 2 or 3 more years out of my prior car.  It is like that my daughter will get those 2 or 3 years, perhaps more, out of that car.

    I'm not sure what you mean by "scheduled out."  If that means you have already budgeted for this expense in future months, I don't do that.  I have not yet budgeted March 2018; but I know how much I plan to budget to Car Replacement each month between now and October 2027.  At that point, I plan to draw down the category by replacing the car I bought in October 2017.

    • Patzer AVG Ultimate is a line item in my budget and about $9.00 a month is going towards it build up funds so I have the money for it when the times comes, but I have line items for my truck insurance, a new computer, emergency funds and other things.

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    • YNAB has given me back my future
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    My oldest scheduled transaction is for 5/2026.  Its to remind me to renew my passport.  Currently funding with $1.26 per month.  Most of my long term spending (more than 1 year in future) is only budgeted for, this one is scheduled.  

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      • Retired at age 60. Thank you, YNAB!
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      TryingToGetAhead Okay, now I understand.  I have some transactions that are scheduled for every month or every year until I cancel them; but I don't have any transaction scheduled in YNAB unless it's also a scheduled transaction in the real world, i.e. it will happen unless I affirmatively do something to stop it from happening.  So in terms of scheduled bills, "how far out" is kind of meaningless for what I do.  If I do nothing in YNAB and nothing with my real world accounts, some of those transactions are scheduled out forever.

    • Patzer Well they do have my debit card on file so it is possible they would charge it, although I think the card actually expires before the charge would hit.

      For me most of the far out payments are in my template, most are auto renewal, so they are scheduled to be paid, but some since I have moved I need to double check addresses and make sure what card in on the account, I actually closed the one pre-paid debit card I used for the past several years, I have a "real" checking account, while I do still have one of the pre-paid debit cards accounts, that is more used as an emergency fund, in case my something happens with my checking account. So I guess double checking payment sources made my To Do list for this week.

  • TryingToGetAhead said:
    My oldest scheduled transaction is for 5/2026. Its to remind me to renew my passport.

    I do exactly this, and have a TON of scheduled transactions set up for the future, both for things that will automatically renew (e.g. YNAB), and things where I will need to manually make the payment, but want to be sure not to forget, for example: annual car inspection, and bi-annual car registration renewal. I personally find it really helpful to use YNAB as a sort of "payment reminder" for these sorts of infrequent transactions, rather than throwing another sort of calendar reminder into the mix, for me. :)

    Previously the bi-annual car registration renewal was the "farthest out" transaction I had scheduled, since "every two years" is the largest recurring interval YNAB allows, but I recently added a future transaction for my next driver's license renewal 4 years from now, after HR at my new job informed me that my driver's license had expired on my birthday the previous week, and somehow I hadn't received a reminder from the RMV (whoops!) - definitely don't want to let that happen again! :)

    An additional benefit to setting these up even before the actual payment is scheduled is that the budget screen will flag that category orange if I haven't remembered to pre-fund it by the time that future month rolls around (I suspect this will become less and less necessary the longer I use YNAB this time around, but it's been *really* helpful in getting a full picture of my less-frequent-but-recurring expenses thus far!).

    • To add: I have SO many future scheduled transactions that I generally have my account registers filtered to only show the current month (sometimes along with last or next month, as well), because otherwise I have to scroll to see any actual transactions. But this is worth it to me, as having all these scheduled/recurring transactions has been a lifesaver for me in terms of keeping track of upcoming infrequent expenses! :)

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    • Resistant Punch Roller I have things like Car and DL renewal in my email calendar and it pops up about a month before and then every week there after, thing is the program allows me to set the recurrance in hours, days, weeks, months or years.. It works for me, of course I am hyper organized for that, I also have everyone's birthday and anniversary in there also, set up so I can send e-cards to the majority or real cards to some of the special ones. 

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  • Not sure this is relevant, as it's not a "bill", but we have a tentative $10,000 vacation for our tenth anniversary. It's still six years away. 😊

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