A Truck Accident

Morning all,

I had an accident this morning, busy street in the dark a group of teens run across the road, I hit the center divider to avoid them. I shredded the driver's side tires, ended up having to call a tow truck. While waiting for the tow, I hopped on the mobile app and moved some money around to cover everything. 

Before YNAB I would have just paid it and then figured out where the money was coming from. I have only been doing YNAB for 4 months but in that time period, I was able to build up an Emergency Fund that is just for Auto repairs and such, I wiped it out, but the rest of my budget is fine for the month. 


For the first time in my adult life, I was financially prepared for something like this. Thank you YNAB!!

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  • I'm so sorry to hear about the accident,  Tomato Mask ! Glad you're okay! While it's sad your tired were shredded, it's great to hear your budget wasn't. :-)

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  • So good to read you are okay, and see the positive side of the accident: your YNAB categories filled up to take care of the unexpected cost. Tomato Mask (16fe7194721e)

    Your blown tire reminds me of a traffic incident I experienced on a highway when a tire of a large truck literary exploded just in front of me. It was so violent, that parts of the bodywork of the truck came off and hit my car and also some other cars.

    Luckily, we all managed to pull over safely. The truck driver was quite shocked about the event -- he narrowly managed to keep the truck on the road. As a group, we helped each other out and cleared the highway from the larger pieces of debris.

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  • Murphy showed up and wanted to play, but you sent him packing when you flashed your emergency fund in his face. Nicely done, sir.

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  • Amazing, isn't it, how YNAB helped you turn something that used to be annoying (at best) or crisis (at worst) into a victory.  I remember the feeling when I had my first smug Aha! I am prepared moment. It's very empowering. Now to build the category back up. 👍

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