Imported Transactions with wrong payee

I'm having trouble where when I import transactions that haven't been previously entered, they aren't coming up with the correct payee.  I went away for a weekend and used my card at multiple different places, and when I returned I did an import to catch up, but all my payee's were the same store, and it wasn't related to any of the transactions I had.  The correct name usually comes up in the memo but the payee seems to be defaulting to the last manually entered transaction.  So it looks like I've made 10 transactions at the corner store when they are all different payees. Obviously it's fine if I remember to manually enter all my purchases but I usually go 3-4 days, do an import and then categorise them.  Not perfect I know but it's as close as I can get at the moment.  Anyone else having this issue or know of a fix? 

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  • Hi Taco 24 !

    I definitely see how that could be troublesome and it shouldn't be happening! Can you let me know which bank you're seeing this issue with in your budget? Is it just one bank or are you seeing it with multiple accounts? Do you have any rules in place in the Payee Management feature?

    If you wouldn't mind sharing a screenshot (you can block out any personal information) that would be a great help! :)

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