Number Pad Now Small

The number pad on my iPhone that you use to enter amounts into transactions is now very small I only noticed in the last week. As you can see in image above.


the number buttons used to take up the whole screen across to left edge. It is now not so useful the buttons are too small for my big fingers.


How do I fix this problem?

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    • Ben
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    • furiousfalcon
    • 6 mths ago
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    As far as I understand it, this isn't particularly a "bug", but something that was designed purposely. There have been enough user comments/complaints via Twitter and elsewhere that make me think they will likely revisit this layout in a future update.

  • Hey  Green Snow , thanks for sending that feedback!  Ben is right. For now, it's by design that the numberpad is smaller. It was so that we could include calculator functionality to different parts of the app (as you can tell by the calculator button's on the right). 

    It's something we're tweaking and always wanting to improve, so the best way to reach our design team directly is to fill out this form !

  • Ok thanks for letting me know I have sent feedback as you suggested plus a complaint about it here also so hopefully they will change it soon because it is a pain to use now.

  • Bigger buttons would be nice while keeping the calculator buttons. I wish the calculator buttons were in the split category section

  • Hi Steel Blue Pony ,

    We hear you on this one, and improvements to the size of the calculator are actively being discussed over here at YNAB at this point.

    Keep an eye on our Release Notes for more details when we release updates. And, thanks for letting us know about your experience here!


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