Credit Card Transactions

Hello! I just joined YNAB today and I was wondering if someone could tell me whether this program would be useful for someone who purchases 99% of things with credit cards that are then paid from a checking account. 

Basically, I use my credit card to earn points/rewards and pay my balance in full each month. So, in order to budget effectively, I need to be able to see the transactions made with my credit card and assign those transactions to their appropriate budget category. 

Is this possible? Thanks! 

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  • Yes, you will still budget money you have but how you actually pay doesn't matter.

  • Yes, it is absolutely designed for you.  

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    Absolutely. YNAB will allow you to track your purchases, budget for them appropriately, and will help ensure you always have enough money set aside to pay off the card. 

    YNAB has classes on using credit cards within YNAB, if that's helpful?

  • yes I do the import from credit card then assign to categorise then pay off the balance with checking. after a couple days you will import from credit card  and checking. You will see the pay off amount on both impots, now from there under payee you should select: In checking account use To/From Credit card. In Credit card account under payee select Payment from checking

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