Delta Requests and Deleted Transactions

I'm playing around with the API today and noticed that if I delete a transaction then do a delta request, the response shows account balance and category balance changes, but no indication of which transaction was deleted.

It's not often a transaction gets deleted, so it's not a huge problem for me right now, but it seems like an oversight. Right now I'll just have to do a full budget data request from time to time to make sure I'm really in sync.

Thanks for creating this API! I've been wanting to write code around my budget data for a long time now, so it's great that it's possible now!

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  • Landy Bible Glad you're enjoying the API so far!

    I passed along your request to report deleted transactions when using the delta option to Brady. Thanks for letting us know you'd find it helpful! 

  • I ran into this issue as well. I think it happened when I matched two transactions that have different amounts, I'm assuming it's deleting one of them under the hood.  Could we possibly have something like deleted_transaction_ids in the delta payload or something like that?


  • Landy Bible and thomas_ we've added a deleted field to entities returned through the API.  This will be set to true on a delta request response when an entity has been deleted.  For non-delta requests this will always be false.  I hope this helps!


    You can see the field and a description over on our endpoints page:

  • Brady Awesome, thanks!

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